Links I’m Loving-Nutrition Edition

Happy Tuesday! I originally had a deeper post planned for today, but it requires more thorough research than I realized. So in the meantime, today I thought I'd share a few links I'm loving in the nutrition and dietetics world. Food A recipe I've been loving lately: Almond Butter Baked Apples (Making Thyme for Health). … Continue reading Links I’m Loving-Nutrition Edition

The Happiest of Tuesdays–An Update on My Life

Guess who graduated??? Hey y'all, happy Tuesday! It feels like a lifetime ago since I wrote a post on here. Or more like I'm living a separate life. So much has changed globally and personally that it's going to be hard to go back to normal, whenever that is. I'd like to use this post … Continue reading The Happiest of Tuesdays–An Update on My Life

My Goals for 2020

Happy Tuesday and happy first or second week of the spring semester to all my college readers! May the parking spots be plentiful, and your classrooms easily found. Even though we're nearly a month into the new year, today marks a new beginning for me, at least when it comes to semesters. Because of that, … Continue reading My Goals for 2020

Five Thoughts From Fall of Senior Year

Happy Tuesday! I'm a little over month into the fall of senior year and it's all kinds of crazy right now. (For example, I'm normally better about writing posts earlier in the week, but instead this post was written Monday night.) Everyone's life is different, but here are five thoughts on the fall of senior … Continue reading Five Thoughts From Fall of Senior Year

The Last First Day of School

Happy Tuesday! I can't believe Monday is over! I hope everyone had a lovely day whether it was a normal one or a first day or maybe the last first day of school like me. Most of my first days in college have been filled with stress. There would be other emotions too, but stress … Continue reading The Last First Day of School

The Dog Days of Summer

Happy Tuesday! We have in my mind officially entered the dog days of summer. However, what I thought that meant something different than the reality. The real meaning of "dog days" relates traditionally to when Sirius, the dog star, is in the sky. That actually started earlier in July, so I suppose my announcement is … Continue reading The Dog Days of Summer