The Last First Day of School

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe Monday is over! I hope everyone had a lovely day whether it was a normal one or a first day or maybe the last first day of school like me.

Most of my first days in college have been filled with stress. There would be other emotions too, but stress would always flow beneath them all. My freshman year obviously I worried about finding my classes and fitting in and figuring out what to do. My sophomore year was full of unknowns because of the aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey. And my junior year, well…

my Google calendar showing a very packed 9-5 schedule for my first days and week of school
Although it’s just within 9-5, I died from stress and running all over campus

This year, this first day, was calm. I was relaxed, maybe not truly, but definitely so compared to those first few years.

A Walk Through My Day

I began yesterday the way I’ve been meaning to lately, with a run around campus. Fun fact about me: I can’t stand treadmills and will run in much worse conditions than A/C provides just to be actually moving somewhere. The run also gave me a way to see campus, and to remind myself that I was really back here for the first day of school.

Because my schedule has night classes twice a week, yesterday I only had one class for my business minor. Combine that single class with a lack of an official work schedule and my calendar was very open!

If this sounds like bragging, I don’t mean for it too. I’m just genuinely appreciative that I can ease into the semester when I actually want to! I had time to be impulsive with friends when I have the mental energy to, before the semester really hits. I always know mid-semester will be stressful, but for the beginning to be laid-back for once was an amazing bonus!

Beginnings and Endings

Although I just finished my last first day of school, I spent last week preparing for the incoming freshmen. I split my time between kicking off many different organizations and practicing for a success conference for freshmen. My first weekend on campus three years ago, I went to a similar conference, where I met others and picked up a few study skills. So in many ways things are coming full circle. Just within this weekend, I’ve already seen other seniors and freshmen interact in a way that reminds me of freshmen me. I feel like I’m watching a new generation come into the real world. 🙂

I find it interesting that today was full of beginnings and endings in so many ways. For some, today began a new phase of life. For me, it was the beginning of the end of that same phase. But for now, while I can, I’m going to let myself enjoy it!

What are you excited for this semester?

Until next time,

P.S. If you’re looking for more content on dietetics and study skills, don’t worry! I’ll be rolling out posts that focus more on those over the next couple of weeks. For now, feel free to read some of my older posts on study tips and college classes.

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