How to Prepare for Your Next Semester

Happy Tuesday! I made it back from the Sierra Mountains alive and well and miss the adventure already. Meanwhile in real life, fall semester is almost here! The other day, I saw a school supplies stand in the grocery store and it hit me that it's time to get ready. With the start of a … Continue reading How to Prepare for Your Next Semester

5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Happy Tuesday! This week I'm off in the mountains of California backpacking, exploring caves and doing other things I'm loving. How's your week? Hope everyone's staying cool out there. I like to keep up with a lot of blogs for fun. Originally I found them when I wasn't yet on social media and was looking … Continue reading 5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Volunteer Opportunities for Dietetics

Update: 2020 Emmalee here! At the time of this update, the world is still overcoming a pandemic, so many of these examples might not be available. For a look at some more 2020-friendly options, check out my post on that here. Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! It's a great week here at TheFutureRD. I'm about … Continue reading Volunteer Opportunities for Dietetics

Nutritionist vs Dietitian

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July if you live in the United States. I celebrated by hanging out with family, watching fireworks, and starting the newest season of Stranger Things! Whether you had a long weekend, or a normal one, I hope this week hasn't been hectic so far. This week's … Continue reading Nutritionist vs Dietitian

Dietetic Internship: Eastern Illinois University

You know it's a good school when their administrative building looks like a castle Happy Tuesday! After working on this blog for a couple months, y'all I am so excited to finally bring an article to you that is part of the whole reason I started this site: telling you about dietetic internships! Today, I … Continue reading Dietetic Internship: Eastern Illinois University