Revisiting 12 of My Old Goals From 2020

Hello everyone and a happy Tuesday to you all! It’s been a long time since I last posted, hasn’t it? This past year was both the shortest and longest year of my life!

But a new year brings the chance for new beginnings. I appreciate so much that we no longer live in a world where the year is 2020. Things might not change immediately, but 2021 doesn’t have any emotional weight attached to it yet and that’s a nice place to be.

In the spirit of the season, I wanted to revisit my old goals and resolutions that I posted at the beginning of last year and see how well they turned out. I had entirely forgotten about some of these and got a nice laugh out of 2020 Emmalee’s cluelessness! I sorted my 2020 goals into 5 main categories:

  • School
  • Blog
  • Health
  • Personal Growth
  • Fun



This wasn’t a goal so much as a milestone, but if I had to cross one goal off my list, at least it was this one! I wrote about it in another post here.

Get into an internship

Last March I got accepted to Montana State University’s Master’s degree/dietetic internship program! I’ve been taking graduate courses since last May and will start the internship next fall.


Continue writing one article per week

I held to this goal fairly well before 2020. But senior year, the pandemic, and working nearly full-time while in grad school quickly made this goal unrealistic. I didn’t understand how different life as an online grad student would be from life as an on-campus undergrad. Using old information to set new goals only works if you determine what will change.

Interview at least one current intern

Because I devoted less time to the blog this year, this goal was even less likely to happen in 2020. On a positive note, I did meet quite a few interns over the past year and would like to try and make this goal happen in the future.

Write at least one article for another website

I did work on this goal early on in the year. However, many websites changed their focus or publishing with Covid and other things, and so did I.


Have a fitness challenge every month

I stopped keeping up with challenges once everything changed. But I did stick with my first challenge, to complete Yoga with Adriene’s annual 30 Days of Yoga series, and kept my yoga streak up for nearly 4 months! I ended the streak itself because of school but I kept choosing to do yoga because I realized that it has a positive impact on my mental health. In the eyes of 2020, I’d call that a win.

Reach my first pull-up

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve been in a gym since last April! My workout goals and routine have changed so much with lockdowns, limited access to gyms, and starting a physically demanding job. I suppose I could’ve adapted to this goal if I wanted to, but it turned out to be less of a priority. Maybe in 2021?

Snack mindfully

I wish.


Learn a new skill or sport

With a couple weeks spent at home, at some point during the year I picked up macramé. It’s surprisingly easy to start. Pinterest has so many tutorials and all you need is some macramé cord–or cooking twine if you’re cheap like me–and the patience to learn a couple knots. I’d call this goal a success!

Give myself more time to read

I actually did do some reading this year because of Zoom fatigue and spending entire days in front of a screen. It wasn’t as much as I’d liked but I definitely read more than last year, and I think that’s what matters more.


Make a bucket list for my school’s town

I essentially lost the second half of my school year to lockdown, so sad to say this goal did not happen.

Visit a national park

One of my bucket list items is to visit the highest points in all 50 states. In Texas, that happens to be Guadalupe Peak in Guadalupe Mountain National Park, which I climbed last fall. The fall foliage was amazing and so was the climb. The incline was relentless at times but it’s doable. Success!

I will return to more dietetics content in the next few weeks. But I thought it would be fun to look back at these old goals before I share some new one’s next week. For anyone with the goal of applying to dietetic internships right now, good on you. I remember how tough that could be. And that was last year when things were relatively normal! Please everyone take time to take care of yourselves when you can. Let’s make 2021 a good one.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts! What are your goals or resolutions for this year? Share with us in the comments section or let me know if you have any internships or topics you’d like to hear about.

Until next time,

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