Get to Know Me–Fall 2019

Happy Tuesday y'all! Hope everybody's doing well. This post isn't originally what I thought it would be. I was planning to write a journal-type post on my thoughts on this semester so far, now that I'm a month in, but because of reasons that you'll understand in a bit, I didn't sit down to write … Continue reading Get to Know Me–Fall 2019

5 Ways to Rock Your Tests With Confidence

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope everyone's day is full of joy or at least that your coffee kicked in this morning (and if you still don't need coffee, count your blessings, freshman, I was there once too). Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post on how to prepare for tests. Today, you'll want to fasten … Continue reading 5 Ways to Rock Your Tests With Confidence

SFA Dietetic Internship

Happy Tuesday y'all! We got through Monday, so this week can only get easier from here, right? 😉 I'm trying something new this week in response to a suggestion from a reader (yes, I do listen to y'all!). The whole point of this blog is to inform you, my readers, about the different options for … Continue reading SFA Dietetic Internship

What is a Dietetic Technician?

Happy Tuesday! Wherever you are, whatever kind of day you're having, whether you know what a dietetic technician is or not, things will get better. Don't stress too much and if you aren't stressing, celebrate that! Just felt like one of y'all needed to hear that today. While the general public barely knows what an … Continue reading What is a Dietetic Technician?