The Dog Days of Summer

Happy Tuesday! We have in my mind officially entered the dog days of summer. However, what I thought that meant something different than the reality. The real meaning of “dog days” relates traditionally to when Sirius, the dog star, is in the sky. That actually started earlier in July, so I suppose my announcement is a little behind the times! People believed that the effects of the sun’s heat combined with Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, caused hotter days than normal and affected plants and animals.

Maybe it’s the Texas climate, but if heat determines this period, to me the dog days don’t come until August. Therefore, I’ve always thought of “dog days” as not just a hot time of year, but a waiting period. Summer is drawing to a close and although most people aren’t back in school, the preparations have begun. When I think “dog days, I think of an awkward in-between. The ending hasn’t come, but neither has the beginning.

Laziness vs. Carpe Diem

It can be hard to move when stuck in the feeling of waiting. For an example on a smaller scale, some days I have a shift or two at work. I might have not much time before the shift, but still have things to do. Yet I’ll get the feeling that it’s not worth it to start those to-do’s. Maybe I’ll think it’s because “I don’t have enough time,” or “by the time I can focus, I’ll be out of time.” No, fight this feeling! Whether it’s a normal time of year, or school is about to start, you can still use your time well.

This idea, of making the most of time, of carpe diem, is especially personal to me this summer. About a week ago, it dawned on me that this summer is the last “normal” summer I’ll probably have. At least normal to this stage of life. Every summer since junior year of high school, I’ve enjoyed working and exploring old and new places with friends and family. Next summer is a big unknown. I don’t know if I’ll be working or starting an internship, living at home or moving halfway across the country.

Because of that, I made several different goals going into the summer. Some of them were fun things, like exploring smaller towns in the area or visiting a new coffee shop. They might be little, but I don’t know if I’ll be at home next summer, so I made plans to do them now. Others were more personal, like working on growing my blog and building my savings a little. I wrote all my goals down and tried to check on them throughout the summer.

That doesn’t mean I got them all done though. I was looking over the list the other day and it surprised me how little I had accomplished, yet still wanted to do. I haven’t visited some places I said I would, haven’t grown my blogging knowledge like I’d planned to, and am not as confident in my feelings about the dietetic internship. But I still have a couple weeks! I’m starting to get ready for fall, but that doesn’t mean summer is over yet!

So here’s to finishing that one goal you meant to accomplish ages ago, here’s to going to that place you’ve always told yourself you’d try, and here’s to pushing yourself to use your time. You’ve still got it, so why not make the most of it?

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