My Goals for 2020

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Happy Tuesday and happy first or second week of the spring semester to all my college readers! May the parking spots be plentiful, and your classrooms easily found. Even though we’re nearly a month into the new year, today marks a new beginning for me, at least when it comes to semesters. Because of that, I thought I’d share some of my goals for 2020.



This one is pretty straightforward. Still, it has to happen for any of my other school goals to work this year!

Get into an internship

This is another big, but necessary step for the rest of my career to begin. I just applied last week to Texas State University’s internship and master’s program. I’m also working on applying to a few more through DICAS. Stay tuned for updates on those!


Continue writing one article per week

Even though this post is coming out late, I’d like to stay consistent, at least in posting weekly on Tuesdays, so y’all know what to expect from me!

Interview at least one current intern

My first dietetic internship article actually was with an intern at Eastern Illinois University, but I’ll admit I’ve slacked off a little since then because the legwork and back-and-forth was a little time-consuming. However, I like the personal aspect of those interviews and the interns would often have useful insights I couldn’t find on the school’s website.

Write at least one article for another website

I’d like to branch out and start writing more nutrition-focused articles. Since the majority of y’all reading this are nutrition/dietetics students or interested in that path, that’s not as relevant to this blog (though hey, if y’all do want to hear that sort of stuff from me, let me know!!). But I do have a couple options in mind for places I could write articles for.


Have a fitness challenge every month

A yoga channel I follow, Yoga with Adriene, always has a 30-day yoga challenge to start off the year. Although I’ve followed it for a couple of years, this was the first time I truly committed to it, and I’ve really enjoyed the practice and chance to grow. I want to keep trying month-long challenges like that as one of my goals for 2020.

Reach my first pull-up

This is something I’ve had in mind for a long time, but this year I’m ready to go all in on practicing for it!

Snack Mindfully

I’ve been trying to work on eating more mindfully lately, and although I don’t have anything against snacking, a lot of times when I do snack, I’m not eating the greatest foods and usually am distracted. I want to either find better snacks or be more mindfully

Personal Growth

Learn a new skill or sport

I have things I like to do for fun, but there’s a lot of things I know I’m interested in but haven’t had the guts to try. Well this year will be the year I get over my fear of being a beginner! You’ve got to start somewhere 😉

Give myself more time to read

One of those things I do enjoy is reading, but for a long time when I have a choice between books and a show, I almost always choose the show. As one of my goals for 2020, I want that to change and might start setting a curfew on my electronics if I’m not using them for school.


Visit a new national park

I freaking love national parks and the crazy beauty and hiking within their borders. I’d eventually like to visit every national park in the country, but for now I’ll settle for at least one this year.

Make a bucket list for my school’s town!

There are a couple things that I’ve wanted to do in Beaumont for a while and this is probably my last chance to do them! I’m excited to be a tourist in my own town.

That’s it for this week! What are your goals for this new year?

Until next time,

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