Get to Know Me–Fall 2019

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Happy Tuesday y’all! Hope everybody’s doing well. This post isn’t originally what I thought it would be. I was planning to write a journal-type post on my thoughts on this semester so far, now that I’m a month in, but because of reasons that you’ll understand in a bit, I didn’t sit down to write it until Monday.

Journal posts take time, but not in the same way as researching a school’s dietetic internship. College often feels like walking through a forest in a wind storm. Sometimes it’s a struggle to keep moving forward. At other times the wind pushes you down the path way too quickly. Dirt and leaves fly into your face. As nice as it would be to ignore them, you have to remember all those leaves because they’re homework assignments, work reports, events with friends, and other responsibilities. So to slow down and actually think about the craziness that’s going on around isn’t easy and can’t be done in a night.

I don’t want to offer up half-baked thoughts to y’all because I’m not about that. I might be able to publish that post later this week, or save it for next. For today, I’ve got a couple get to know me questions for fall 2019.

How was last week?

Intense! Last week, Tropical Depression Imelda hit the Texas coast, where my school is. The system came out of nowhere so although it was relatively minor, not knowing how severe it would be until last minute threw everyone off. The area had some flooding that cancelled school Thursday and Friday, but I’m so grateful to have escaped without any problems. Others weren’t so lucky. All in all, Imelda was both a blessing and a curse. While it delayed some stressors like tests, the flooding obviously created some problems of its own. Recovery takes time, but the week is slowly nearing normal again.

What’s Your Favorite Class Right Now?

I’m taking Nutrition Assessment and Counseling right now and I really enjoy it! I would love to have my own dietetics practice one day. Nutrition Counseling is a big part of that, so I’ve been looking forward to this class for as long as I’ve known it was on my degree plan.

Has Senioritis Hit Yet?

If you had asked me this question as summer was wrapping up, I would’ve told you no. I wasn’t happy that this year is my last. Now, while I’m still a little glum about eventually saying goodbye, I’m very much over school and look forward to a break. (Yes, I know the dietetic internship will be even more tough.) But yes, I’m counting down the days until graduation!

What Surprised You Most About Senior Year?

This might be because of the way my classes are built, but I’m definitely managing my coursework more on my own than I have in previous semesters. Most of my classes are in the evenings once a week, so during the week I have to know what’s due and stay on top of it!

Also, even though classes can be so much, I see myself less as a student compared to other semesters. Whether that’s a senior year thing in general or comes from committing my time to so many different things, who knows? I just found it interesting.

What’s Your Favorite Thing Right Now Outside of Class?

My campus has a rock wall and although I’ve walked past it for three years, I’ve never spent much time there. This year I’m not spending a whole lot of time there (hey I’m a senior, so I don’t have all the free time in the world), but I’m going more consistently and I really love it! It’s fun to have a challenge in front of you and see yourself get better at it.

Also, if I had a favorite thing–as opposed to an activity–I got a coffee maker as an early birthday present and I use it way too much. But coffee really is God’s gift to college students, so I won’t refuse it.

What are You Looking Forward to Most Right Now?

There are so many things! First and foremost, Homecoming is this week so I’m excited for our Homecoming game. Our student section has been louder and prouder than other years and it’s pretty fun.

In general, yesterday was the first day of fall and I can’t wait for the cooler temperatures. Although parts of the US may be enjoying breezy days, the Texas coast doesn’t experience that kind of weather until November. Until then, it’s an officially acceptable time of year to practice my obsession with fall foods. If you see me, I’ll probably be eating or thinking about all things pumpkin, pecan, apple, cinnamon, and cranberry while I can.

What are you looking forward to most right now?

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