This is Your Brain on DICAS

I don't what inspired the photographer to take this stock photo, but whoever it was, I'm grateful I can accurately describe my mood with it. Hey y'all, Happy Tuesday! I want to make sure I'm posting quality content and because of DICAS and other things, I can't do that this week. I've got some posts … Continue reading This is Your Brain on DICAS

Lamar University Dietetic Internship

Happy Tuesday, everyone and Happy early Thanksgiving! This week I'm proud to present an interview with Dr. Jill Killough, the Program Director of the Dietetic Internship at my school, Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas! Dr. Killough earned her undergraduate degree at Lamar and has been teaching there for almost twenty years. In that time, her … Continue reading Lamar University Dietetic Internship

Day in the Life of a Senior Dietetics Student

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Texas is finally cold, but in a way that makes me almost long for the humid, 90 degree summers we get on the Gulf Coast. Almost. 😉 I've had trouble being present with Thanksgiving and finals around the corner. So I thought the blog was overdue for another day in the life … Continue reading Day in the Life of a Senior Dietetics Student

What is a Dietetic Technician?

Happy Tuesday! Wherever you are, whatever kind of day you're having, whether you know what a dietetic technician is or not, things will get better. Don't stress too much and if you aren't stressing, celebrate that! Just felt like one of y'all needed to hear that today. While the general public barely knows what an … Continue reading What is a Dietetic Technician?

Volunteer Opportunities for Dietetics

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! It's a great week here at TheFutureRD. I'm about to go on a backpacking trip in California next week and get away from this Texas heat. Fear not though, I have a post planned to go out next Tuesday, so be sure to stop by. Today expands on a theme … Continue reading Volunteer Opportunities for Dietetics

Nutritionist vs Dietitian

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July if you live in the United States. I celebrated by hanging out with family, watching fireworks, and starting the newest season of Stranger Things! Whether you had a long weekend, or a normal one, I hope this week hasn't been hectic so far. This week's … Continue reading Nutritionist vs Dietitian

Dietetic Internship: Eastern Illinois University

You know it's a good school when their administrative building looks like a castle Happy Tuesday! After working on this blog for a couple months, y'all I am so excited to finally bring an article to you that is part of the whole reason I started this site: telling you about dietetic internships! Today, I … Continue reading Dietetic Internship: Eastern Illinois University

Nutrition Degree vs Dietetics Degree

Happy Tuesday, y'all! This week has been quite a week for me, but I'm solving my problems and getting stuff done. Hope your summer days are going splendidly. If not, that you soon find all the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. Speaking of questions, today's post is tackling one! When I … Continue reading Nutrition Degree vs Dietetics Degree

5 Summer Things You Can Do to Improve Your DICAS Application

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone's doing well today and fully enjoying their summer, especially the recent high school grads. My summer truly began last week with a summer class and a summer job (can you say chaotic?). My life might be a little busy right now, but in some ways I have to appreciate the push … Continue reading 5 Summer Things You Can Do to Improve Your DICAS Application

College Class Review: Pathophysiology

Hello, everyone! Happy Tuesday once again! Once again it has been quite some time since I posted on this blog. I spent the second half of the spring semester dealing with a heavy workload, burnout, and personal issues, so I didn't have time for posts in the midst of all of that. If there's one … Continue reading College Class Review: Pathophysiology