UAMS/CAVHS Dietetic Internship

Happy Tuesday! It's been an interesting week here in Beaumont. Spring break is fast approaching (thank goodness!), but the downside is I've had lots of things due in the last few days. Thus, the late post. Today though, my focus is not on my school, but on one in a neighboring state. I recently found … Continue reading UAMS/CAVHS Dietetic Internship

Texas A&M Dietetic Internship

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone enjoyed your weekend! Mine was a little rocky, but I did because I finally finished my DICAS application!!! I'll share more in a blog post sometime soon. What I can say right now is that I'm so happy to be done with it for now. Today, however, I wanted to share … Continue reading Texas A&M Dietetic Internship

All About the DICAS Application

Hey y'all, happy Tuesday! How is everyone's week going? I hope everybody's doing well. I'm in the home stretch of applying for dietetic internships through a website called DICAS. I've still got a few things to tweak on my DICAS application, but it feels good to be nearly done. DICAS stands for Dietetic Internship Centralized … Continue reading All About the DICAS Application

Lamar University Dietetic Internship

Happy Tuesday, everyone and Happy early Thanksgiving! This week I'm proud to present an interview with Dr. Jill Killough, the Program Director of the Dietetic Internship at my school, Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas! Dr. Killough earned her undergraduate degree at Lamar and has been teaching there for almost twenty years. In that time, her … Continue reading Lamar University Dietetic Internship

University of Connecticut Dietetic Internship

Happy Tuesday everyone! We're so close to Thanksgiving and I can't wait! While Thanksgiving doesn't have many traditions, I love my family's traditions and celebrating with them. Also, I'm starting to feel burnt out from the semester and can't wait for a break. Today's internship post discusses the University of Connecticut Dietetic Internship. I found … Continue reading University of Connecticut Dietetic Internship

Appalachian State University Dietetic Internship

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I hope you're enjoying fall right now. Here in Southeast Texas, it's finally cool enough to wear sweaters. Today's post covers a dietetic internship in a much cooler part of the country: the Appalachian State University Dietetic Internship. Appalachian State University (ASU) is a school of about 19,000 total students in Boone, … Continue reading Appalachian State University Dietetic Internship

Montana State University Dietetic Internship

With a view like that, I'm ready to pack my bags and visit now! Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I've got an internship post on the Montana State University Dietetic Internship, also known as the Montana Dietetic Internship (MDI). It's one of the schools I found the other day that looked interesting. So of course I … Continue reading Montana State University Dietetic Internship

SFA Dietetic Internship

Happy Tuesday y'all! We got through Monday, so this week can only get easier from here, right? 😉 I'm trying something new this week in response to a suggestion from a reader (yes, I do listen to y'all!). The whole point of this blog is to inform you, my readers, about the different options for … Continue reading SFA Dietetic Internship

Dietetic Internship: Eastern Illinois University

You know it's a good school when their administrative building looks like a castle Happy Tuesday! After working on this blog for a couple months, y'all I am so excited to finally bring an article to you that is part of the whole reason I started this site: telling you about dietetic internships! Today, I … Continue reading Dietetic Internship: Eastern Illinois University

How to Become an RD: Dietetic Internships

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week's post is the second in a series that covers all the different routes to becoming an RD. Last week, we talked about what coursework and degree you'd need to get started with the process. Today, we're going to cover the next step: completing a Dietetic Internship (DI). I describe this … Continue reading How to Become an RD: Dietetic Internships