My Goals for 2020

Happy Tuesday and happy first or second week of the spring semester to all my college readers! May the parking spots be plentiful, and your classrooms easily found. Even though we're nearly a month into the new year, today marks a new beginning for me, at least when it comes to semesters. Because of that, … Continue reading My Goals for 2020

Write Personal Statements, Not Blog Posts

Hey y'all, happy Tuesday! I'm taking one more week off from posting as the pre-select application I mentioned last week is due tomorrow and I'm putting the finishing touches on that. Wish me luck! Not to worry though, I'll be back next week. Both my last semester of college and my regular posting schedule will … Continue reading Write Personal Statements, Not Blog Posts

I’m Applying for Dietetic Internships!

I'm back y'all! Happy Tuesday, Happy New Year, and welcome back to the blog! Congrats to everyone who are still working on their New Year's resolution and if you've given up, maybe try again. One day of messing up doesn't mean you should throw in the towel. Keep moving forward! Speaking of which, one way … Continue reading I’m Applying for Dietetic Internships!